NASA showed renders of the SpaceX Dragon XL cargo ship against the background of the Moon and the Gateway station (4 photos)

NASA Gateway Program providesconstruction of a station in the orbit of the moon. Last year, due to a delay in the implementation of the program and failures in testing the Space Launch System (SLS), it was decided to involve private space companies in the implementation of the project to build a lunar station.

Ilona was among the first to be involved in the project.A SpaceX mask, which to support cargo missions to the future station must build a Dragon XL space "truck" capable of delivering a useful mass of five tons to the lunar orbit.

On the official NASA resource, renders are posted on which you can see the future SpaceX Dragon XL ship, the Moon, Earth, as well as the Gateway station under construction.

Launching the Dragon XL ship for implementationof the NASA Gateway Logistics Services (GLS) contract for the supply of the lunar station, will be carried out by the Falcon Heavy super-powerful launch vehicle. NASA said SpaceX's Dragon XL will conduct a series of missions during which the ship will remain docked with the Gateway station for 6 to 12 months.

On Thursday, March 19, NASA conducted a successful firingTesting the Space Launch System (SLS) main stage engines mounted on a tower at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Four RS-25 engines worked successfully for 8 minutes. Thus, the Artemis mission, an element of which will be the creation of a circumlunar base Gateway, is successfully moving towards the fulfillment of the main goal - the return of mankind to the moon, scheduled for 2024.