NASA shared plans to deliver samples of Martian rocks to Earth

ESA and NASA told about the next mission to Mars. The main goal of the flight is to return soil samples that the Mars 2020 rover will collect as part of the mission. To complete the task you need several devices; their creation is entrusted to ESA and NASA specialists.

According to the plan, the first rover will fly in the summer of 2026. He will need to find test tubes with Mars soil samples collected by the Mars 2020 device. The rover will take them to the landing platform and load them into a rocket, which will bring them into orbit to the orbital module ESA. The European rover should return to Earth with samples in 2031.

"Mars 2020" - the heir of Curiosity. It is based on the same platform, but has other tools with the equipment. It will not look for traces of water, but any signs of life on the surface of the planet, but within the framework of available geological materials.

Rover can store loot in the box. But some will be left on Mars in a specially designated place. It is possible that Mars 2020 will not break down and will be able to deliver samples to the collection site.

In order to save fuel, a special flight path to Mars was developed. Details and cost of the project have not yet been announced.