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NASA is testing new electric motors for aircraft

The american space agency got busythe development of a new test aircraft for a long time and now preparing it for testing, the task of which is to test a unique wing, which houses 14 electric motors that drive the propellers. The aircraft received the name "Maxwell", its serial number is X-57.

12 engines located on the wing are used for take-off and landing, the two remaining and more powerful engines are located at the edges of the wing and are used for flight.

The basis of the test model was taken Italianthe Tecnam P2006T aircraft, from which its factory engines and wings were dismantled, replacing them with its own development - a long thin wing with electric drives. At the moment, developers are busy with calculations and searching for ways to reduce energy consumption. The goal is to achieve a fivefold decrease in its consumption at a speed of 175 km / h, with which a two-seater private plane flies.

Speaking at the American Institute of Aeronautics,Charles Bolden of NASA noted that the X-57 was another milestone in the development of aircraft manufacturing and opened up new horizons for developers. According to him, a workable prototype of an electric airplane will prove that it is possible to make air transport quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly. It will also reduce operating costs for small aircraft by almost 40%.

The X-plane series is a special American experimental line of aircraft and missiles used to break in new technologies and aerodynamic concepts.