NASA is preparing to go into outer space, consisting only of women

From the day of the first man in spacemore than half a century has passed. It is believed that Alexei Leonov was the first Soviet cosmonaut who visited the airless space - he did it on March 18, 1965. Today the cosmonauts of the International Space Station also go into space from time to time for maintenance of the station, but one of the following sorties will be especially remarkable for the scientific community. The fact is that on March 29, an astronaut team consisting of only women will be outside the station.

The team will consist of two people: Colonel Anne McClain and astronaut Christina Koch. It is noteworthy that Christina has no experience in space flight, and will go to the ISS only on March 14, 2019. Ann, in turn, arrived at the station at the end of 2018, and performs the duties of a flight engineer. A week before the momentous event, she will go into outer space with NASA astronaut Nick Hague.

Women will spend about 7 hours in space and conduct an inspection and maintenance of the station. Ground support will also be provided by a woman engineer Kristen Fachchol.

I just found out that I will support the first ever women's entry into open space! I can't help my excitement!

Kristen Fachchol, NASA Engineer

Astronauts will have truly beautiful views of theEarth You can verify this by looking at last year's pictures shared by Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. Gallery of photos can be viewed in our material.

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