NASA is funding the development of 18 fantastic technologies for space exploration

At the beginning of the 20th century, it seemed that human flightinto space is something impossible. Now, astronauts' exit into outer space is something mundane and is not even considered as big news. In order not to dwell on the spot, it is important for humanity to preserve non-standard thinking, for which the NASA project called “Innovative Advanced Concepts” (NIAC) is intended. Within its framework, the space agency is funding the development of 18 technologies that currently seem fantastic. Smart suits? Is it possible?

The first phase of funding includes 12 concepts,$ 125,000 will be allocated for each of them. If the ideas prove workable and have great potential, researchers will be able to apply for the second and third stages and receive from 500,000 or more dollars for development. Perhaps the research will take decades, but according to the authors of the project, it is worth it.

Our NIAC program develops forward-thinking ideas that could transform future missions.

Jim Reuter, NASA Space Technology Administrator

During the first phase, researchers will deal withcreating a smart spacesuit with robotic elements and skin with the possibility of self-healing. The plans also include the development of micro probes to study the atmospheres of the planets, as well as a lunar outpost for the extraction of ice. To study the atmosphere of Venus, it is planned to use an inflatable aircraft, and for traveling on the satellite of Jupiter Europe - nuclear-electric propulsion systems.

Outpost for ice mining

The projects of the second phase seem more feasible,than the first. For example, NASA wants to acquire a telescope, which can be deployed after launching into space, fixed on a platform printed on a 3D printer. Also in the plans is the development of a special shield that will allow to study the Sun, approaching it at the closest distance.

The projects of the third phase have not yet been selected, but alreadyit is known that something will fall into it that requires a long development and a lot of money. The space agency plans to allocate $ 2,000,000 for its development.

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