NASA introduced the final version of the concept electric aircraft Maxwell X-57 (3 photos + video)

In the near future, electric motorsthey will replace power plants not only of land vehicles, but also have a good perspective for conquering the market of aircraft engines. The final concept for the first all-electric Maxwell X-57 aircraft was introduced by NASA Space Agency.

The prototype of Maxwell X-57 became lightTecnam P2006T four-seat aircraft, in which Rotax 912S3 twin-cylinder piston engines were replaced with 12 electric motors under the wings and two screw engines at the ends of the wings. Detailed specifications of the iV concept (Mod IV) were not disclosed. The Maxwell X-57 is the first manned X-aircraft in two decades.

Reduce drag during flight and increaseEngineers were able to achieve the efficiency of power plants by creating a special wing of small thickness. To reach cruising speed, the aircraft uses 12 engines located under the wings in front of them. Then, screw engines placed at the ends of the wings come into play, and 12 small motors are turned off and their screw folds, which reduces drag. When landing 12 engines are activated again, and centrifugal force opens the screws again.

According to the developers, the new Maxwell X-57 will increase flight efficiency by 500% for high-speed flights. At the same time, the aircraft has no emissions, and the noise level is significantly reduced.

Source: NewAtlas