NASA introduced a 3D digitized map of the moon's surface

Artistscomputer graphics received a unique gift from NASA space agency - a detailed 3D topographic map of the lunar surface. The project was led by designer Ernie Wright. The digitized surface of the moon can be downloaded by anyone.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiting Vehicle (LRO)For 10 years he worked on the surface of the moon, made a topographic survey of the area and photographed the surface of the Earth’s satellite. As a result of Wright's work, all raw data and images obtained with LRO were integrated. As a result, a fairly accurate three-dimensional render of the CGI Moon Kit Moon was created.

CGI Moon Kit can be downloadedis free. It contains all kinds of data and images, such as a “displacement map,” which renders topography using color. Designers will be able to recreate the surface of the moon with all its real peaks and craters and use it for scenery in feature films or games. Also, such cards will be able to assist in the exploration of the moon.

Source: mashable