NASA has visualized the grand plans of the conquest of the moon (video)

One of the most ambitious space projectsNASA's agency for the coming years is plans to return to the moon before 2024. To this end, the state program "Artemis" (Artemis), funded by the US government, is being consistently implemented.

In order to popularize the project and clarifyprospects for the exploration of the moon, NASA experts created a video presented on the official YouTube channel of the aerospace agency. The video presents the history of the first flights to the Moon and discloses the technical details of the Artemis project, which can radically improve the conditions not only for the colonization of the Moon, but also for a more effective study of deep space.

A Brief History Presented in the How We MovieAre Going to the Moon (How are we going to the Moon) talks about the Apollo program under which, from 1968 to 1972, 9 missions with a man were launched to the moon, six of which ended with the landing on a natural satellite of the Earth. Only 12 earthlings visited the Moon, becoming the first people to land on the surface of another celestial body.

This year marks 50 years sinceApollo 11 in July 1969 landed the first people on the moon. The American astronauts did not return empty-handed and brought 382 kilograms of lunar rock to Earth, thereby providing enormous working material for astrophysicists studying the history of the formation of the universe.

The new Artemis program will create conditions not onlyfor the development and creation of colonies on the Moon, but it will also become a kind of transshipment point for the further development of deep space. The next step will be a flight to Mars, scheduled for 2030.

Artemis will be implemented withusing the Orion spacecraft, designed for the flight of 4 astronauts. The NASA Space Launch System (SLS) under development is designed to transport cargo to the moon. The next stage will be the creation of the Gateway near-moon station, from which the landing on the Moon will be carried out.

So in the Artemis program will happendramatic changes compared to Apollo flights. All components necessary for landing, fuel, mechanisms and the lander itself will be based at the Gateway station and delivered there in several stages, allowing you to gradually build up the potential for a trouble-free landing on the moon. In the program of transportation to the Moon of the necessary CLPS materials (Commercial Lunar Payload Services), such companies as SpaceX and Blue Origin, as well as Firefly Aerospace, headquartered in Dnipro (Ukraine), participate.

Gateway Station Openstandards, which will allow in the future to develop and add it with special modules and even create the conditions for conducting several moon landings at once. The station can maneuver and change the orbit around the moon, which will provide optimal conditions for ships returning to Earth, starting on the moon and in the future going to Mars.