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NASA experts doubt the safety of Elon Mask rockets

NASA Advisory Committee MembersThe International Space Station was addressed in a letter to the American Space Agency with a warning regarding the launches of SpaceX's new launch vehicles. The appeal said that their launch with the crew on board is contrary to the safety of manned flights, TASS reports citing the Wall Street Journal.

Experts explained that due to the featuresthe fuel used to refuel SpaceX rockets needs to be launched within 30 minutes after the start of refueling, and this time is clearly not enough for the crew to take their places in the capsule and prepare for the flight, and it is also impossible to board the ship before refueling - no one in the world does this for the same security reasons. Sometimes rockets explode while filling tanks with fuel, and SpaceX also knows about it.

In early September, the helium feed system inthe liquid oxygen tank at the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket crashed, causing the rocket to explode with an Israeli satellite in the cargo compartment. Usually, liquid oxygen is not used in heavy space rockets, WSJ writes, so SpaceX specialists will have to deal with all the nuances on their own.