NASA demonstrated the flight of Apollo 13 through the eyes of astronauts (2 photos + video)

Dramatic spacecraft flightApollo13 to the Moon, which radically influenced the American Earth satellite research program, has more than once become the object of documentary and feature films, as well as journalistic investigations. The US space agency NASA recently released a visualization of this flight, imagining what astronauts themselves saw during an unplanned overflight of the moon, when a world record for the manned spacecraft’s flight range was unexpectedly set.

NASA experts, on the eve of the 50-year-oldThe flight anniversaries were presented not by documentary shots, but by computer visualization of everything seen by astronauts on April 14, 1970. Viewers will be able to view the lunar surface in 4K resolution, and when creating it, video and photo archives obtained from the LRO probe in the moon’s orbit since 2009 have been used.

During a maneuver in orbit of the moon mostdramatic were several minutes, during which Apollo13 entered the shadow of the moon, and radio communication with it was lost. After the Earth appeared in the field of view, communication with the Control Center was restored, and the astronauts began to return home. On the compilation of LRO satellite data presented, the demonstration is being conducted at an accelerated pace.