NASA chose the winner of the competition to develop a Martian dwelling

NASA Aerospace Agency summed upof its Mars Habitat Challenge competition held since 2015. Within its framework, participants had to present the best concepts for creating Martian colonies. We recall that three teams entered the final stage of the competition. The winner was the architectural company AI Space Factory, which presented its concept of MARSHA dwelling. The company introduced the concept of a 15-meter capsule base of biodegradable and recyclable basalt composite, which can be obtained from Martian resources. The construction of database objects involves the use of 3D printing technology.

The concept provides for an adaptable design depending on the requirements of the Mars mission participants, for whom NASA conducted the competition.

New York company managed to get around 60participants in the competition in which the US aerospace agency hoped to learn for themselves the ideas of developing reliable space dwellings that may be required as part of long missions to deep space. The presented design of the MARSHA base was developed taking into account the peculiarities of the Martian environment, but in general, the concept provides for adaptability depending on the requirements for a particular environment. The only condition was to create an internal garden where the colonialists could walk, enjoying the fresh and clean air.

The company has created a small prototype ofan innovative mixture of basalt fiber and vegetable plastic. NASA tested the materials for strength, fire resistance and protection against deformations and concluded that this concept is significantly stronger and more reliable than the options presented by other contestants.

Unlike most other submittedThe concept MARSHA proposes the construction of a vertical structure with several levels. The interior of each level is indicated by the floor and ceiling. In general, the modern concept of the interior and well-organized lighting made this concept stand out from the rest.

Founder and CEO of AISpaceFactory David Malotte said that the main focus in the development of this concept was the desire to create an adaptable structure capable of withstanding the harsh environmental conditions on other planets for many years.

"We developed these technologies for space, butthey are able to change our idea of ​​how to build houses here on Earth. Using natural, biodegradable plant materials, we can significantly reduce the waste of the construction industry in the form of non-recyclable concrete, ”commented Malotte.

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