NASA chose the best homes for the colonization of Mars (3 pics + 3 videos)

Mankind has come close to addressing the issue.interplanetary flights and further colonization of extraterrestrial worlds. In the coming years, we are promised that the regular movement of spacecraft to Mars will begin. Space colonizers will need reliable and durable autonomous houses that can endure all the tests on the red planet.

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Space Agency NASA launched in 2015a full-fledged competition “3D-Printed Habitat Challenge”, the purpose of which was to demonstrate the design, architecture and technical equipment of dwellings for Martian pioneers. As a result of the competition, three winners from the United States were identified, sharing a joint prize of $ 100,000 at the second stage of the competition. Next month, NASA will choose the final and only winner.

The developers of SEArch + / Apis Cor have chosen to resettlecolonists in dwellings of vertical type with protected windows letting in natural light. This will minimize the cost of lighting and save energy through this. The design of the walls is universal, allowing for continuous improvement. It is planned to create houses from the Martian regolith.

The Team Zopherus project is focused on localconstruction materials, in particular, Martian sand, which is the main component for special concrete. Earthlings will only have to “take” with themselves metal framework structures, which, however, can also be made on site using 3D printing.

Mars Incubator enthusiasts offera design based on hexagonal modules open to create structures of various sizes and purposes. The main building material is also regolith.