NASA Black Hole Visualization

Secrets of the universe always excite humanity,This is especially true for objects that are difficult to understand and understand from a physical entity. First of all, it concerns the mysterious black holes. Scientists from the NASA space agency literally spread their own vision of a black hole presented in the form of a curved funnel or disk.

A huge gravitational force arising arounda black hole is capable of bending light and the appearance of nearby objects. Therefore, the visualization presented by NASA will help to better understand the statement of Einstein, who claims that gravity can distort space and time.

Astrophysicists previously showed a photographblack hole created using a cascade of 8 Event Horizon Telescope radio telescopes. Then a photograph of the shadow of a black hole that absorbs ambient light was presented. Visualization from NASA will allow you to visually observe the processes taking place near this mysterious object.

Source: SlashGear