NASA Introduces International Moon Exploration Rules

For the safety of moon exploration, NASA has released a document outlining the fundamental rules for exploring the Earth’s natural satellite as part of the Artemis Accords program.

The rules contain ten general points,which countries joining the agreement will be required to adhere to when exploring and colonizing the moon. The document introduces the concept of safe zones for individual countries; issues of creating satellite bases and mining are considered.

The main point of the rules stipulates that the countries that join the Artemis agreement undertake to explore the Moon exclusively for peaceful purposes in accordance with the principles of the UN Space Treaty.

Resource Mining Countriesown goals, are required to register the equipment used and exchange scientific information with other partner countries. One of the points also indicates the need to preserve the historical heritage on the Moon, which includes moon rovers already on the satellite, space probes, as well as the Apollo mission landing site.

Particular attention is paid to maintaining the purity of the moon.and minimizing space debris. Satellite research should also be public in nature, there should be constant coordination between countries and respect for “security zones”.

Source: NASA