NASA has invented a gravity suit to protect astronauts from zero gravity

Space travel is gradually becomingmore accessible to people, including those who have not undergone many years of training. As a result of being in zero gravity, the human body receives an unconventional load, which can cause irreversible health consequences. Of particular concern is the possibility of a rush of blood to the brain of a space traveler. To eliminate the danger, NASA is working on a project to create a special gravitational suit.

Development is carried out by scientists fromUniversity of California, San Diego, who created a negative pressure suit that could slow down or even prevent the devastating effects of weightlessness on astronauts.

Prolonged stay of a person in space leads to the fact that the muscles atrophy, and the blood is dehydrated. This leads to decreased vision and weakens the heart muscle, making it difficult for oxygen to flow to the brain.

To eliminate the harmful effects of weightlessnessa simple scheme is proposed that provides for the creation of negative pressure in the lower part of the human body. This method allows you to simulate the "earth reaction force" that helps to lower the fluid down the human body.

Technically implementing negative pressurecarried out using a vacuum. At the same time, the gravity suit does not prevent astronauts from moving inside the premises of space stations and performing daily work. The suit can also be quickly put on on a space tourist suffering from the negative influence of weightlessness. In this case, excessive pressure in the brain is eliminated, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

During the development of the gravity suit, NASA funding was used, which allows us to hope for an early test of the device in real conditions of the International Space Station.

Source: realclearscience

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