Nandme F88 dental floss with automatic dispenser 62% off

Toothpick that many used to useafter eating, can cause not the most pleasant consequences. As an alternative, it is better to pay attention to dental floss, it perfectly cleans the gaps between the teeth without increasing them, and without damaging the gums.

According to scientific studies, a toothbrush can only remove 70% of plaque, the remaining 30% is in the gaps between the teeth, where only dental floss can reach.

When brushing, gently slide the floss into the gap between your teeth and pull up and down to scrape off plaque and food debris. Repeat the action 4-6 times for each tooth.

Flosser Nandme F88 effective and easy to useusing an oral cleaning tool. The filament is made of polymer wire, it is tough and does not break as easily as regular filament, yet very soft and effective in cleaning. Thanks to the portable retractable automatic dispenser, the thread is firmly fixed in a special hook, and the design is made in such a way that the main part of the thread does not come into contact with the hands during the grip, thus avoiding contamination. The thread hook fits comfortably in your hand, and the ergonomic curve makes cleaning easy.

The box is equipped with a double-sided automaticthread ejector, which allows you to eject the thread with one touch from both the left and right sides. The case itself is designed with closed tiered storage, each thread stored in a separate layer.

The automatic transmission can be recycled, andwhen the floss runs out, you can simply buy a replacement, which is convenient and profitable. The flosser can be used at home, in the office, in a cafe, or taken with you on a trip.

The regular price of the Nandme F88 is $25.98.
From September 5th to September 9th, you can buy it on AliExpress for only $9.87, and use promo code JVXK82 to get an additional $2 discount.