Named the true reason for the sanctions against Huawei (3 photos)

Huawei is going through difficult times: The US government has banned US firms from doing business with it, declaring their official position vis-à-vis Chinese manufacturers. Its essence boils down to the fact that the products of this Chinese company harm the national American interests, as it is used for espionage in favor of the leaders of China.

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A completely different view of the situation represents Zhou.Khonji (Zhou Hongyi), CEO of Qihoo 360, a successful entrepreneur, an expert in Internet security. He believes that Huawei’s telecommunications equipment, in particular that used to deploy 5G networks, on the contrary, binds the hands of US intelligence and intelligence in particular. Protection on this equipment prevents the interception and reading of data on networks, even in countries that are loyal to the United States. This is the reason why Americans are so boldly pushing Huawei out of the market.

In addition, the US wants to win the war forTelecommunications market, where they intend to establish their own rules of the game: by supplying equipment of national companies (or manufacturers controlled by them) to most countries of the world, they can use it to intercept data, which cannot be achieved without problems if the market is flooded with someone else’s products, in this situation Huawei products. Zhou Hongji quite adequately considers: what we are seeing now is cyberwar, the battle for data transmitted in the network. The United States so far win in this battle, using unscrupulous methods in this competitive struggle.