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Named one of the most common causes of people's anxiety

Duration and quality of night sleep directlyaffects our well-being during the day - this is a well-known fact. But what exactly the systems of our body have the negative effect of lack of sleep, scientists are still not thoroughly known, so they are constantly studying this issue. More recently, Chinese scientists have found that insomnia can increase the risk of stroke many times over, and now researchers from California have learned that lack of sleep increases people's anxiety. They managed to find out up to what changes in the brain provoke an anxiety state in a person.

Anxiety most often means a feeling of uncertainty, the expectation of bad events

According to the scientific journal Nature HumanBehavior, the researchers conducted an experiment involving 18 healthy young people. Its essence was that the volunteers were shown unpleasant videos in order to cause them a strong emotional response. The study was carried out in two stages - in the first, young people watched the video after a full night's sleep, and in the second they turned on the videos after a sleepless night. The first night the volunteers rested at home, and the second they spent in the laboratory reading books, watching films and entertaining themselves with board games.

Harm from lack of sleep

After each session, study participantspassed the Spielberger-Hanin test, which is designed to determine the level of anxiety of people. It turned out that after a sleepless night, people's anxiety increased by as much as 30%. Functional magnetic resonance imaging, which can show almost any activity in the human brain, after a sleepless night, showed increased activity in the so-called amygdala. Also, activity was observed in the back of the anterior cingulate gyrus. These areas of the brain are responsible for reflexes and negative emotions, so it is not surprising that people have become more anxious.

The required duration of sleep varies depending on age

To check if lack of sleep is reallyincreases the anxiety of people, after some time, the researchers repeated the experiment. The second time, 32 participants took part in it, who also watched unpleasant videos after two different nights and passed a test for anxiety level. In addition, scientists conducted an online survey among 300 people about their emotional state after sleepless nights. Surprisingly, the results of the initial study were confirmed - sleepless nights really increase people's anxiety.

Did you know that sleep helps the brain forget unnecessary memories?

The benefits of healthy sleep

But a healthy sleep lasting at least 6 hourson the contrary, it improves a person’s emotional state. You can arrange a full night's rest by refusing food and electronic devices at bedtime and taking a walk in the fresh air. However, each person has individual methods of entering a healthy sleep, but the main thing is to relax your body before going to bed. And for this, you still need to at least somehow, but hide from the blue glow from the screen of your smartphone and TV. You can read about the positive effects of adequate sleep in our special material.

By the way, the aforementioned Spilberger-Hanin test for anxiety levels can be tested online. And you can share your results and opinions about the test in the comments or in our Telegram chat.