Named an important feature of the Tesla Model 3, able to save the lives of drivers

Perhaps between electric and ordinarycars externally and there is not much difference, but their internal equipment, of course, radically different. Rescuers, who in the event of serious accidents are forced to rescue victims from salons, sawing a car body, know this one more than anyone else. As it turned out, Tesla Model 3 cars are subjected to opening much easier than other electric vehicles of the company. This is due to the special location of the most dangerous parts of the electrical structure.

We are talking about high-voltage wires. According to Tesla car architecture expert Brock Archer, since Tesla Model X, the company's engineers have seriously worked on their location. An autopsy revealed that in Tesla Model 3 they are assembled into a closer relationship and not scattered throughout the design. This feature greatly expands the capabilities of rescuers - they can rescue victims of accidents from almost any angle of twisted cars without fear of being hit by high voltage wires.

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In the image below you can see that dangerous wires inmostly located on the left rear side of the body and in the middle. As a rule, to save the victims, you can simply cut the door area, where there are no dangerous elements. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the Tesla Model X car - it is equipped with mechanical doors with vertical opening. Of course, they are connected to electrical wires that may be affected when opening the car.

It may seem that Tesla cars fall intoaccidents are much more common. In fact, this is not the case - Ilon Musk explained that accidents with his cars are too often announced in the media. Because of such attention to single cases at Tesla and almost complete indifference to accidents with cars of competitors, the company's reputation is very lame. To prove that accidents involving Tesla do not happen more often than others, the company promised to publish reports on incidents.

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