Nail drone hurries to help builders (video)

Modern engineers are actively trying to engageunmanned aerial vehicles in almost all spheres of human activity. Chinese experts adapted drones to burning light garbage falling on power lines, Finnish engineers armed drones with a chainsaw to destroy icicles located in remote places.

Enthusiasts from the University of Michigan,practitioners on the creation of robots have proposed to give drones creative functions and increase safety when performing roofing works. An unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a nail gun will accelerate the installation of a light roof and eliminate the danger posed to builders by busy work at heights using dangerous construction tools.

Special dro-octocopter DJI S1000 armedstandard nail electric gun, setting the “sight” angle corresponding to the angle of the roof. The software allows the "flying installer" to work offline, however, a small battery charge reduces its working time to 10 minutes.

Tests have shown the effectiveness of attractiondrones to work on hazardous construction sites. Therefore, the next task of engineers is to increase flight autonomy, improve the control system using machine vision, and “train” UAVs to work with other construction tools.

Source: digitaltrends