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Myths and facts about the Bermuda Triangle. History of the anomalous zone

Did you know that the Bermuda Triangle is notjust a place on the map? And what happens there only by the press and popular rumor is described as mysticism. In fact, everything is a bit wrong and almost all phenomena that are considered abnormal have a logical explanation. All the same, people want to believe in something mystical and build theories on the subject of the mysticism that sometimes happens in the world. As a result, they overlook all the arguments of scientists and themselves build theories about how someone disappeared and appeared on the other side of the Earth. These are they - people. We also love to discuss different options for the development of events, so let's generally talk about what is happening in this mysterious territory.

Should I overestimate the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle?


  • 1 Where is the Bermuda Triangle
  • 2 Anomalous zone of the Bermuda Triangle
  • 3 Why ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle
    • 3.1 Ocean Reefs
    • 3.2 Infrasound on the surface of the water
    • 3.3 Ocean methane emissions
  • 4 A ship missing in the Bermuda Triangle
  • 5 The most massive extinction in the Bermuda Triangle
  • 6 Is the Bermuda Triangle Dangerous

Where is the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is called Sargas Sea area (Atlantic Ocean). According to legends, many anomalous phenomena occur in it, including the loss of ships and aircraft.

Since this is a triangle, it must have vertices. They are points that coincide with the location of such geographic features as Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan (Puerto Rico).

This is what the Bermuda Triangle looks like.

The area of ​​this territory is quite large and is approximately 700,000 square kilometers. Almost the entire territory is an ocean, and due to the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is located exactly in the Atlantic Ocean, many attract Atlantis to its stories.

Anomalous zone of the Bermuda Triangle

The most famous ways to explain the mystical events in the Bermuda Triangle are aliens and Atlanteans - residents of the missing Atlantis.

Does Atlantis really take its victims?

That is, objects and people face orfailures in space and time, or simply carried away by incredible forces. For example, many believe that ships find themselves in a parallel world or simply get stuck in time. So they disappear and never return. It also explains that their wreckage is never found.

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Many recall the legend of the Kraken, the gianta cephalopod mollusk, which, although it is better known by the descriptions of Icelandic sailors, can well inhabit the waters and sink the ships that are next to it.

This mythical monster has long been a ball the main legend for sailors.

All this is very interesting to discuss and fantasize.on this subject, but modern science, although not completely unraveled the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, can still tell why mysterious things happen in it without folklore and horror stories about monsters.

And at the same time, science can tell whyAccording to statistics, ships in the Bermuda Triangle disappear no more often than in other parts of the ocean. This, incidentally, is confirmed by the US Coast Guard and various insurance companies that pay compensation for lost ships and their cargo.

Why ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

Despite the fact that science does not recognize the appearancealiens and atlantes in the zone of the Bermuda Triangle, this does not mean at all that there are no anomalies in it. But first of all, one must understand that the world's oceans are extremely heterogeneous. It has both vast territories on which the depth exceeds several kilometers, and shallows.

Ocean reefs

The Bermuda Triangle refers tosecond category. There are a lot of shallows and reefs. They can be the cause of a large number of crashes. Especially at a time when sailors did not yet have echo sounders and satellite navigation systems. The ships were then wooden, and when they ran aground, they soon collapsed.

This underwater serenity can easily sink a crashing ship.

Infrasound on the surface of the water

Another anomaly that scientists describeis infrasound. According to this version, the surface of the ocean can somehow generate an inaudible sound that drives people crazy and makes you do strange things. For example, deliberately sinking a ship or just jumping overboard. Similar sound anomalies are found in other places of our planet. Two participants in our Telegram chat even told how they encountered this phenomenon. We will return to this in separate articles.

Ocean methane emission

Another reason for the strange behavior of the ocean inarea of ​​the Bermuda Triangle and potential hazards to ships are methane emissions. The cause of the release may be the decomposition of methane hydrate on sea days.

According to this theory, they rise to the surfacebubbles of methane, which so reduce the density of water that ships simply can not stay on it and drown. The proof that this is possible is the use of this principle by people. When the jumpers from the tower train to enter the water, for them include special drilling. It allows you to make it seem to be softer so that the athlete does not get injured if the fall is unsuccessful. The same rarefaction of air with a further rise in gases can prevent aircraft from generating lift and even disrupt the operation of engines.

In the Bermuda Triangle, not only ships, but also planes disappear.

A little dubious was even heldan experiment that proved that a ship can indeed sink to the bottom in a few tens of seconds if it is in the zone of gas bubbles. As a result, it was found that the diameter of the bubble should be equal to at least half the length of the vessel. The existence of just such bubbles is doubtful, and how many dangerous small ones can be dangerous has not yet been determined.

A ship missing in the Bermuda Triangle

One of the most recent examples of how a shipdisappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, but then located, is SS Cotopaxi. This is a merchant ship that left the port of Charleston (South Carolina) November 29, 1925. After a couple of days, the ship disappeared, but, as it turned out, not without a trace. There is even a documentary on the Science Channel, which says that according to insurance companies, on December 1, 1925, the ship transmitted a distress signal and reported that it was on its side.

Already in 2020, the wreckage of the ship was found nearcoast of California. As you can see, the ship did not disappear anywhere and didn’t move to another place, as was shown in the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In this picture, the missing SS Cotopaxi was found in the Gobi Desert. According to the scenario, extraterrestrial forces transferred him from the Bermuda Triangle there.

So this ship looked like a movie.

The most massive extinction in the Bermuda Triangle

The most massive extinction in BermudaA triangle can be considered as the simultaneous loss of a link from five US Air Force planes and the plane that went in search of them at once. It happened on December 5, 1945, and these planes were Avenger-type torpedo bombers. Their wreckage was never found.

Bermuda Triangles: mysterious places associated with disappearances.

According to the early statements of the command, the techniqueexperienced pilots managed, but, as it turned out later, novice pilots sat at the controls, and only the instructor, Lieutenant Taylor, was experienced. True, he only recently started flying in this area and could not navigate the terrain well.

At the beginning of the oil, the messages aboutradio conversations of pilots with the base, in which it was said that they can not determine the direction, and the ocean does not look as usual. The message ended with the words "we descend into white waters."

At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean lies a lot.

Later it turned out that in the fixednothing is said about mysterious negotiations. On the contrary, everything is clear and understandable. The link simply lost its reference point and, due to the failure of the compasses, began to search for how to return to the mainland. As a result, they got lost and they had to land on the water, but it was dark and the sea was very turbulent. It was difficult to determine the exact location due to the fact that there was a lot of interference on the air.

As soon as the command found out that the linkthe bombers lost their orientation; several rescue aircraft, including two Martin Mariners, were immediately sent to search for them. One of them also went missing.

The Bermuda Triangle in Space: A Threat to Astronauts?

The fact is that due to design featuresin the cockpit of aircraft of these models could get fumes of fuel from the tanks. In the end, this led to the fact that the slightest spark could cause a fire. This is one of the versions of the crash. The captain of the Heine Mills tanker confirmed that he had observed an explosion and falling debris and then discovered an oil stain on the surface of the sea. That is, again, no mysticism and abduction by aliens - just a coincidence.

The ocean is dangerous! But not only in the Bermuda Triangle.

Is the Bermuda Triangle Dangerous

I do not want to upset fans of legends, but that's allsays that in the Bermuda Triangle is not more dangerous than at any other point in the ocean. Ships and planes disappear everywhere, storms happen everywhere and reefs are everywhere too. If you move according to the rules, do not neglect safety and carefully monitor the equipment, the Bermuda Triangle will be completely safe.

Even wandering waves up to 30 meters high if andcan happen then in many places. Therefore, you should not specifically book a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, but you should not be afraid of it. All mysticism has a reasonable explanation.