Mysterious hoverbike from Lazareth turned out to be real (5 photos + video)

French company Lazareth began testingflying 4-wheel motorcycle. In fact, the new development is a hoverbike. Each hub of its wheel has a tiny turbojet engine. By default, these engines should be 4, but the design of the new item allows you to place in the center 2 more additional ones.

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To switch from ride to flight modewill have to stop first. The device will dilute the sides of the wheels, and then start the engines. Their total thrust is 2.4 kilonewtons. This is enough for a 140 kg design to fly into the air.

Hoverbike received the designation LMV 496 (La MotoVolante - flying motorcycle). He was already tested in flights: manned and unmanned modes. Turning to hang, the device quietly rose to a height of 1 meter. LMV 496 will go on sale this fall. The novelty will cost approximately 500,000 euros. What is the speed of hoverbike in flight and during movement on the highway is not reported, as well as the distance of the autonomous path.