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Mysterious holes have been found at the bottom of the ocean. Who made them and why?

According to scientists, about 70% of the Earth's surfaceoccupied by water, and most of this territory is completely unexplored. There is a high degree of probability that animals live at great depths of the seas, and even more so of the oceans, the existence of which we do not even know. Sometimes, while exploring great depths, scientists really find strange formations that may be traces of creatures unknown to science. Recently, while studying the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, scientists found mysterious holes lined up in a straight line. They are at a depth of 2540 meters and, judging by the presence of a handful of deposits nearby, they were dug by someone. What caused the holes to appear at great depths: a natural phenomenon, the tricks of unknown animals, or human activity?

Unexplained holes found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean


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  • 2 Who leaves holes in the ocean depths
    • 2.1 Footprints of marine worms
    • 2.2 Underwater sources of gas
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Mysterious holes at the bottom of the ocean

Ridge at the bottom of the Atlantic Oceanwas discovered in 1872 by the crew of the Challenger ship. It is located at a depth of several thousand meters, so for a long time this place remained unexplored. To date, members of the Ridge 2022 expedition, which was created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), are studying the mysterious place.

Location of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Recently, with the help of a special robot,the researchers were able to examine the bottom at a depth of 2.5 kilometers. In the resulting photographs, they noticed an even row of holes that were clearly dug by someone - next to them there are handfuls of deposits that usually result from digging. About a week later, scientists found the same holes in another place, this time at a depth of 1.6 kilometers.

An even row of mysterious holes

The researchers said they tried to lookinside the holes with the help of the apparatus, but it was not possible to do this. Therefore, they cannot tell whether these holes are connected by a tunnel, or whether each of them is isolated. It is worth noting that in 2004, another group of scientists also found such holes at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and were also very puzzled. They gave the holes the name "lebensspuren", which can be translated from German as "traces of life".

There are no traces of life in the photographs taken.

Not visible in any of the photos taken.traces of life. In order to somehow try to solve the mystery, the scientists decided to take sediment samples from the holes - perhaps they have scales or other traces of living beings.

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Who leaves holes in the ocean depths

At the moment, there is no explanation for the discovered phenomenon, so the scientists decided to publish the footage on the Internet and ask people for help - maybe someone can give a logical explanation?

Footprints of sea worms

The most plausible version says that the holeswere abandoned by sea worms. Indeed, many species of these creatures live in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and mysterious holes can be dug by them. Some worms burrow into the sediment and wait for a long time waiting for some fish to swim above them. We already talked about one of these worms earlier - we are talking about the terrible Bobbit worms, which look like monsters from horror films. Although this version is plausible, there is at least one question to it: are worms capable of digging hunting shelters in such a flat line, and even at the same distance? Bobbit worms are incapable of this, so perhaps scientists are dealing with representatives of a species unknown to science.

Bobbit Worm

Underwater sources of gas

Another version similar to the truth says thatholes can be made by gases coming out of the ground like methane and hydrogen sulfide. Previously, scientists have been convinced that these gases can accumulate at the bottom of the ocean and break out. The assumption seems even more plausible when you consider that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a place where tectonic plates diverge. But then again, how to explain the fact that the holes are located on the same line?

Maybe the holes are made by gases escaping out?

Underwater gas pipeline

Some people believe that scientists have simply foundthe place where the gas pipeline is located. But scientists reject this version, because the area under study is located at a great depth and is definitely unexplored - if a gas pipe passed there, they would definitely know about it.

Maybe scientists have found an underwater pipe or cable?

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