Mysterious disease affects the lungs of smokers electronic cigarettes

Bad news for electronic cigarette lovers. Earlier we wrote about the connection between vapes and lung disease, which so far has no name. In the United States, more than one hundred people have sought medical help in 14 states. Experts from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have joined in the study of the mysterious disease. The CDC notes that among the patients the vast majority are adolescents. Scientists would have had much more questions, if not for one thing - all the victims smoked vape.

Why is vape dangerous?

Surely you have heard more than once that vape orelectronic cigarettes do much less harm to the body than regular “nicotine sticks”. Marketers didn’t have to go overboard inventing eloquent slogans to increase sales of vapes of all stripes - from “I want to fly wherever” to “my clothes no longer smell like tobacco”. Smoked by smoked hair and hands smokers marketers heard. As a result, many have actually switched to electronic cigarettes.

However, few seriously thought about the dangers of vape. And if science knows almost everything about the effects of regular cigarettes on health thanks to decades of research and data collected, things are different with electronic cigarettes. Liquid for electronic cigarettes includes water, nicotine and propylene glycol solvent. And although the composition of the mixture at the first examination may not raise questions, since propylene glycol is widely used in industry and is not harmful to the body, neither the composition of the mixture nor the steam delivery system from the device to the lungs is regulated. This means that electronic cigarettes can produce harmful chemicals.

In the photo, ordinary and electronic cigarettes

Scientists have identified impurities in the compositionliquids for electronic cigarettes - impurities ranging from formaldehyde to heavy metals were detected in vapors. And vaporized propylene glycol is a known irritant to the eyes and respiratory tract.

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How do vapers get sick?

According to specialists from the Central Concert Hall who are involved instudying a new disease, some cases in each state are similar and appear to be related to the use of electronic cigarettes. However, the final conclusions require more information.

The disease has led some youngpeople were reanimated on mechanical ventilation. This condition indicates a possible severe damage to the lungs. So far, there is no evidence that the disease is caused by any contagious infection. However, 94 victims from 14 states have a lot in common to cause concern: according to specialists from the Central Concert Hall, all patients reported smoking electronic cigarettes several weeks and months before they became ill.

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Electronic Expertscigarettes are not shocked by this news. According to one of the authors of the study, Joseph Allen, an ecologist at Harvard School of Public Health, fungi and bacteria were found in several brands of e-cigarette liquids. When millions of children inhale this cocktail of chemicals that have never been tested for safety by inhalation, the appearance of such headlines in the press is not surprising, experts say.

Smoking and vaping are bad for smoker's lungsregardless of age, however, the lungs of adolescents are not yet fully developed, which means that they are especially susceptible to inhaled substances. For this reason, most cases of a mysterious disease are recorded in adolescents and young adults.