MWC-2019: ZTE Nubia α - smart watch with a bending screen

The current exhibition in Barcelona has two mainTrend: 5G and bending screens. Some managed to combine both wow factors into one product, someone presented one of them, while ZTE found an application for both in two different devices.

With 5G flagship ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, we have already met. Now it's the turn of something bending.

According to ZTE, this is a watch. Well, the truth is, where the ability to change the shape of the screen is needed more than in a device that wraps around the wrist?

The gadget is called ZTE Nubia α.

Smart watches are equipped with a bendable OLED screena diagonal of 4 ″, very narrow and long - aspect ratio of 36: 9 (resolution 960 x 192 pixels). The screen is touch-sensitive, scrolling is implemented vertically (with a cool click, imitating the sounds emitted by the mechanical ring of the plant) and the change of the desktop by horizontal svaypom.

Inside the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, 1 GB of RAM and an 8-gigabyte built-in drive. Battery - 500 mAh, enough for a day or two.

The device is completely autonomous: The eSIM version supports LTE and can be used for voice communication. There is a simpler version - only WiFi. There is also a front (back would look strange) camera - 5 megapixel.

As befits a decent smartwatch, they know how to be a fitness assistant, consider the pulse, monitor the phases of sleep.

The clock is protected from water (as far as - not specified).

ZTE Nubia α released in versions with steelthe case (and the strap, it is non-replaceable) and pontovaya gold (18-carat gold). Should come out in April from the operator China Unicom, they will arrive in Europe in the third quarter of the year, until the United States will get in the fourth ..

The cheapest option costs € 450. The model with eSIM support will cost € 550, it’s in the gold case - € 650.


Tatyana Kobelskaya