MWC 2019: TCL Folding Smartphones

Own development in the field of foldingsmartphones with a bending screen showed in Barcelona and the company TCL. It turned out, of course, not as impressive as that of Samsung and Huawei, but here it is not a product that is ready to enter the market, but only a prototype. More precisely, several prototypes.

Photo GSM Arena

Here you can even select two form factors - “book” and “clamshell”.

Photo GSM Arena

The first is ideologically analogous to the Samsung Galaxy Fold - the screen inside, unfolds into a tablet, on one of the “cover scraps” - an additional screen.

Photo GSM Arena

The second in the unfolded state isA large smartphone with a highly extended screen. It develops across, apparently, just to capture the device in size. Although the mechanism of the hinge does not allow to make the device compact.

Photo GSM Arena

But both the hinge and the screen are TCL's own designs. Commendable.

The company does not intend to hurry, it does not plan to release folding devices before 2020.


Tatyana Kobelskaya