MWC-2019: Button Nokia 210 “with the Internet”

Fresh button Nokia 210 is positioned as “the most affordable way to access the Internet.”

If by accessibility we mean the price and only that, then we can not argue too much. The $ 35 price tag is a convincing argument. However, if you ask about the convenience of this solution, there may be some questions.

Nokia 210 is the most standard mobile phone,medium-sized push-button telephone is typically push-button performance. The screen is small, 2.4 ″. The keyboard is alphanumeric. Mobile Internet is supported only by the most primitive (2G), and Wi-Fi is not supported at all.

No, of course, Facebook mobile client and Opera Mini browser are pre-installed on it, but using such a device to access the Internet looks like a heroic struggle with difficulties.

The simplest smartphone of Chinese origin does not cost much more, but it will be much more convenient. Although, of course, it will not look nice there.

Key features of the Nokia 210:

Screen TFT, 2.4 ″, 240 × 320
IronMediaTek MT6260A
Memory ROM 16 MB
Mobile InternetEDGE
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 1020 mAh
Dimensions 120.8 x 53.49 x 13.81 mm
Camera 0.3 MP, flash, no autofocus
OC30 +

Tatyana Kobelskaya