MVP - gadget for a circular view of the tanks (2 photos)

One of the main difficulties with whichtank crews have been confronted since the beginning of the last century - an overview of the battlefield from inside the car. The situation was usually resolved with a horizontal armored slot, and later periscopes began to be used. BAE Systems has come up with a solution to this long-standing problem by creating an MVP sensor.

The gadget consists of 4 HD cameras mounted ontank hull. Each camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels with a vertical field of view of 75 ° and a horizontal of 120 °. Observation can be provided even at night, through smoke, fog or dust. And if before each member of the tank crew was responsible for his own “view of the outside world”, now MVP will provide all tank crews with a single circular survey of the highest quality. Very comfortably! For example, the driver will be able to draw the attention of the crew to the unexpected danger.

New sensors can be installed onarmored cars. With their help, it will be possible to track down threats and take measures to eliminate them. For example, turn on an active protection system or a BAE RAVEN controlled infrared laser that will drive anti-tank missiles to the side.

As the developers claim, over the years the MVP system will become mandatory for the latest models of military equipment.