MVD tests wearable cameras for face recognition (3 photos)

In the Russian Federation began the test of small cameras that perform the functions of DVRs and are equipped with a personal identification system. The devices are developed by NtechLab.

NtechLab representatives confirmed that inChambers intended for law enforcement agencies are currently being tested, while testing is carried out with the assistance of private security companies. The main customers of NtechLab products should be the police, Rosgvardia, border authorities and the transport service, identifying stowaways.

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NtechLab cameras work when connected toInternet via Wi-Fi or built-in mobile communication module. By isolating a suspicious person from the video stream, the user sends his image to the main server, on which the identification is made by comparing it with the database of lawbreakers. The device is equipped with a screen that allows the law enforcement officer to independently compare the person identified in the database with the real image of the suspect. In addition, additional information about the person identified in the database is transmitted to the display.

The time it takes to identify andThe number of persons allocated in the crowd is not reported yet. However, the device achieved the greatest efficiency at this stage of testing when being at a distance from the object of observation from 3.5 to 4.5 meters. Data processing algorithm NtechLab is only 0.6, but this does not include the time spent on transferring data from the device to the server and back.

If the test is successfully completed, the device will complement the existing DVRs of the police.