Musk promised that Starship will fly into space in 2 months

Who is Ilon Musk for you? I dare to assume that for many people this person is better known as the head of Tesla, which produces the most popular electric cars to date. However, electric transport is far from its most important and surprising project. Elon Musk is also the head of SpaceX, which is currently developing the Starship spacecraft to quickly deliver people to distant cities, as well as to Mars and other planets. The first assembled prototype of the ship was presented at the beginning of 2019 and since then the company managed to thoroughly test it. Soon there will be even more tests, so the first Starship flight into orbit may take place at the beginning of 2020.

SpaceX will be able to land on most planets in the solar system

At least, Ilon Musk himself reported this.during the presentation of the new spaceship concept. In the past, he acknowledged that his intentions are often overly optimistic, but the entrepreneur still considers them to be true. In his opinion, the company does not need to drag out time, so the adoption of a tight test schedule is the best solution for it. Yes, during the testing process a lot of unpleasant situations like fires can occur, but the company can learn valuable lessons from failures and ultimately finally put the spacecraft into operation.

The first orbital flight of Starship

In previous trials, as a rule, participateda prototype assembled in South Texas under the name Starship (Mk1). It was near him that Elon Musk announced his future plans for the project. In the next few months, SpaceX will launch this prototype at a 20-kilometer height, after which its second Starship (Mk2) prototype, which is being assembled in Florida, will fly. The company is also working on a third prototype in the Dominican Republic, which is equipped with a Raptor engine for operation in airless spaces. In early 2020, the company will develop several more options for the spacecraft.

SpaceShip will hold up to 100 passengers

Why do you need to explore space?

Elon Musk shared that he does not mind spending onproject billions of dollars. He acknowledged that today in the world there are a huge number of problems that need to be addressed immediately. Perhaps he was referring to the problem of global warming, which was especially discussed this year, and the pollution of the planet with plastic garbage. But he noted that it is also important for humanity to take steps to ultimately stay alive. In his opinion, one of the ways of our salvation is space exploration and relocation to other planets.

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The story of the creation of the spacecraft SpaceX

It is worth recalling that the project to createThe spacecraft for intercontinental flights and the development of other planets was created back in 2016. Then it was known as ITS (Interplanetary Transport System). A year later, the project underwent changes: the lower stage for launching the ship into space was called Big Falcon Rocket, and the part representing a manned and cargo ship was called Big Falcon Ship. In November 2018, Ilon Mask again began to rename parts of the rockets: the lower stage was called Super Heavy, and the ship itself - Starship. Both parts are reusable, that is, they can start and land several times.

With SpaceShip, Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars

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Notable successes in space exploration will be madeSpaceX is already in the near future. According to forecasts by Ilona Mask, the SpaceShip will descend to the surface of the moon already in 2021. However, the company so soon will not risk sending people to the satellite of our planet. The manned mission will take place a little later - in 2023. It seems that in the near future we will be expecting a lot of interesting news from SpaceX, so I highly recommend subscribing to our Telegram channel, where daily announcements of fresh materials on our website are published.