Musk predicted the decline of mankind by 2050

Ilon Mask never ceases to worry about fatehumanity in the future. This time the head of SpaceX and Tesla has a pessimistic forecast for the next 30 years. According to Mask, in the coming decades, humankind expects an explosion of a “population bomb” when the rapidly aging population of the planet exceeds the global birth rate in numbers. As a result, by 2050, Earth’s population will significantly decrease, and not increase, as noted in the latest UN report.

What is the future of humanity?

“The world population is rapidly moving towards its collapse, but practically no one notices this,” commented Mask on the latest UN report.

He later explained that "in demographic dataage stratification will look like an inverted pyramid, consisting of a large number of representatives of the age generation and a much smaller number of representatives of the younger generation. ”

The head of Tesla and SpaceX addressed the wordsThe Norwegian scientist Jorgen Randers, who in his book “2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years,” wrote that the human population would begin to decline by about 2040.

The idea of ​​Mask contradicts information from freshThe UN report, which predicts the level of the world population up to 2100, notes Business Insider. According to the report, by 2050, the world's population will reach 9.7 billion people. However, it also says that the world’s population is growing at a slower pace, with the peak in declining population growth expected by 2100, but by this time almost 11 billion people will live on the planet. The same report speaks of the "unprecedented aging of the population of the Earth."

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