Musk plans to launch new electric vehicles after Cybertruck starts production

Tesla's future is under scrutinyall experts in the field of automotive industry, because it was Elon Musk's company that has now taken the lead in innovation in the global automotive market. After a stunningly effective presentation of the Cybertruck electric pickup, Musk hinted that Tesla would take a break from its plans for new models. However, recent events indicate that the enthusiast is somewhat disingenuous and new models of electric vehicles may appear in the next two to three years.

Following the publication of financial resultsTesla's work for the second quarter of 2020, Musk said that the presentation of two more electric car models is planned for the near future. From the statement of the head of the company, it can be concluded that it will be a small electric car and minibus for 12 passengers, intended for the Boring Company, which specializes in drilling underground tunnels for public transport. The first electric buses are likely to be shown in the tunnels of Lag Vegas.

Musk noted that he would not specifythe company's production program, but hinted that in the future both a compact and a more spacious car will be released. An indirect confirmation of his statement is a competition for a design solution for a small electric car, which started this summer. The project is intended for auto production of which will be deployed at the Chinese plant Gigafactory 3.

According to experts, new models from Tesla will appear after the start of mass production of Cybertruck pickups and their presentation can be expected already in 2022 - 2023.

Source: electrek