MTS has changed the terms of service on the "Personal" tariff

The press service of the MTS operator announced changes regarding the terms of service at the tariff

"Personal".Now new tariff subscribers will receive the same minute packages (up to 3500 minutes) every month, but a reduced amount of Internet traffic and SMS: 50 GB and 100 SMS (previously unlimited traffic and 200 SMS were available). The changes came into effect on August 10, 2022. For subscribers who have activated the "Personal" tariff before the specified date, the terms of service will not change.

In addition, MTS introduced the service "Calls to otherrules. Limitation of 2000 minutes for 1 month”, which will be able to connect both existing and new subscribers of the “Personal” tariff. The service will provide a package of 2000 minutes to mobile numbers of the operator Tele2 in the home region.