MTS deployed a new generation communication network in Russia

According to the TASS news agency, the MTS operator has launched the NB-IoT federal communications network. Net

designed to exchange information in the systemInternet of Things and transmits small amounts of data in a given time interval. More than 45,000 base stations operate in the NB-IoT network, and another 10,000 stations will be deployed in 2022-2023. In the future, it is possible to simultaneously work with hundreds of millions of gadgets in Russia, and one NB-IoT base station supports wireless connection of up to 50,000 devices.

The solution from MTS will be useful in many industries:energy, housing and communal services, the Smart City system, agriculture, as well as transport. It is specified that the IoT market in Russia in 2021 was estimated at 148 billion rubles, while by 2025 this value will reach 190 billion rubles.