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MSI P65 Creator Review: The Most Beautiful Gaming Laptop of 2018

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If someone said a few months ago,that in 2018 I would rate the MSI laptop higher than a Razer or Alienware product, I did not believe it. MSI P65 Creator opens a completely new chapter in the company's history, and also promotes the brand in the prestigious first league of the best manufacturers. No other gaming laptop made such an impression on me this year.

MSI is a renowned gaming manufacturer.laptops. I have already appreciated, among other things, the company's quiet cooling systems, but rejected some colorful devices with a backlight. As a thirty-year gamer, I do not want my laptop to look like a Christmas tree. That is why I tend to more elegant and versatile solutions. Which MSI did not offer. Still.

  • Design and features
  • Daily use
  • IPS screen 144 Hz
  • Performance
  • Heating and system noise
  • Laptop in the yoke
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • MSI P65 Creator - the most elegant monster from MSI

    The MSI P65 Creator is radically different fromother Taiwanese products. The white, aluminum housing (slightly modified version of the GS65 Stealth Thin) gives the device an elegant, versatile look. The equipment looks great both at home and in a modern office. This is one of the few laptops designed for games, for which it will not be a shame at work. On the contrary - the device fits perfectly into any design solution.

    A well-chosen blend of white and delicate goldthe design, the characteristic dragon MSI, painted in gold, and the absence of red or giant inscriptions. Although the flying lizard for many still disagrees with the canons of beauty, it is the most beautiful logo that the company placed on any of the laptops. But who am I to criticize a dragon when I have a luminous gnawed apple and an alien head on other gadgets.

    For a gaming laptop, it has a tertiaryvalue, but the P65 Creator just pleases the eye. It is not only the most beautiful product from MSI, but also the most visually attractive portable laptop in 2018. Against this snowflake, even Blade Razer looks dull and uncertain. Surprisingly, in terms of visual experience, MSI P65 Creator is one of the market leaders. Taiwanese have done a titanic job to break with the designs of indulgent, black and plastic devices.

    Daily use

    MSI P65 Creator is a device with a diagonal15.6 inches and weighing only 1.8 kg. We are dealing with one of the easiest gaming laptops in the category. At first I was surprised how easy and convenient this equipment is. It turned out to be much easier than, at first glance. I'm used to cars with twice the weight. Moving and transporting is not a problem.

    For more convenient carrying the kit includescloth case. It protects equipment from scratches and dirt, and looks pretty decent. Raising the white cover, feel that you are dealing with a premium product. I don't remember any other MSI notebook being so elegant.

    I was very pleased with the aluminum finish almosteach surface P65 Creator. I like it when manufacturers use a nice cooling metal material. In Creator, the aluminum covers the lower part, so my wrists are doubly happy when the device is in my hands. The keyboard is good, characterized by low pitch, quiet operation and individual white backlighting of each key. A big plus is the placement of the Windows button on the right, although people who are looking to deeply upgrade their MSI keys will be disappointed.

    As for the trackpad, here MSI allowedplay a little imagination. Taiwanese have implemented a Windows Hello compatible fingerprint scanner on the touchpad. You put your finger on it, and everything is ready. No need to enter a password. An interesting feature especially at work, when we leave the laptop moving away for a smoke break. As for the quality of the touch panel: this is one of the rare cases when I don’t feel the difference between the test panel and the one on my MacBook Pro. This is a great achievement!

    Cool IPS 144 Hz screen

    My MSI P65 in a limited white version is equipped15-inch IPS with a resolution of 1920 × 1920 pixels, a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a delay reduced to 7 ms. Battlefront II at 140 frames at medium settings works just fabulous. Thanks to 144 Hz, the gameplay is smoother and more readable than on classic screens. Of course, if we change the graphic settings and the frequency of updates.

    Higher frequency combined with responsereduces latency and has a positive effect on reaction time. One frame is displayed for a shorter period. In practice, this gives a significant advantage, which is difficult to refuse later. In online skirmishes, I sometimes lowered the graphic settings to extract 60 frames from the 144 Hz IPS display.

    When, after several weeks of such games, Ireturned to Battlefield 1 on a 60 Hz matrix, I wanted to clean my eyes. The man quickly gets used to the good. This is known to all who recently switched to monitors 120 or 144 Hz. There is no return from this path. The differences are so great that they turn into real performance in online games.

    Display MSI P65 Creator has a very narrow sideframework that positively affects the overall appearance. It is a pity that it is impossible to get rid of this huge bar on the bottom edge. I can not write a single bad word about the viewing angles, which are sensational in IPS-matrices. The model I am testing does not suffer from any side distortions that have become a curse for cheaper laptops. Therefore, Creator should impress the tastes of photographers and video producers.

    GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q and Core i7 8760H - effective duet

    One of the reasons MSI P65 Creator isso small and light, this is a processor and video card of a new architecture. We get the Coffee Lake-H Intel Core i7 - 8750H with six cores and a base frequency of 2.2 GHz with a switching mechanism of up to 4.1 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. The GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q video card allows you to enjoy any game with Ultra or High settings, depending on your preferred frame rate.

    MSI P65 Creator is among the top 10 percent.laptops for players, according to the results of various tests and benchmarks. At the same time, an MSI representative assured me that the results of market models would be slightly better, because in my test version, non-optimized components are used.

    In practice, every top game released ontoday with Ultra settings, works on Creator with at least 45 frames per second. I'm talking about the resolution of FHD, with the best possible and highest quality settings. These 45+ frames are not the average, but the lowest values ​​for the most demanding areas of the most resource-intensive names. For example, The Witcher 3 or Warhammer II: Total War.

    In most new games with level settingsUltra gameplay does not fall below 60 frames. However, dropping to high or medium settings, I reached over 120 fps. So it was, for example, in the network Battlefield 1 and Battlefront 2. With the load on the servers, it is really worth going down to 120+ frames to take advantage of the 144 Hz matrix.

    Of course, MSI P65 Creator is not the most powerful laptop,available in the market. Nevertheless, it offers an excellent ratio of components. Compact designs usually require many compromises, but in P65 you don't feel them for a moment. My greatest fear was also not justified, namely the problem of heat dissipation.

    And this silence!

    In light, compact, relatively flatlaptops for players, the main problem is the removal of heat and the phenomenon of throttling. I was afraid that the P65 Creator would be like a boiling volcano. Fortunately, everything is much better than I thought. MSI P65 can warm up, but at the highest load the internal temperatures of the system do not exceed 90 degrees. Quite a lot, but it is within acceptable and safe values. To prevent higher temperatures, synchronization falls to baseline values. So here the game does not suddenly turn into a slideshow. The basic value in Creator is a certain reasonable level, below which I never managed to go down.

    The aluminum body is pleasantly cold even aftera few hours with Warhammer II: Total War. In fact, the only place where it is felt that the laptop under load is the area of ​​the speakers, ending with the F1-F12 keys. Everything else is nice for your hands, which I especially appreciate during long sessions with text editors.

    The silence that accompanies uselaptop, made the greatest impression. The best gadgets from companies like Razer and Dell may seem like flying planes. MSI P65 is surprisingly quiet in their background. Largely due to the improved Stealth Thin heat removal system. During everyday use, the laptop is similar to the MacBook - you do not hear anything.

    Under heavy load, the P65 starts to buzz, but itacceptable and not annoying noise. Revelation. MSI has been very proud of its cooling systems for several years, but I haven’t yet seen such a completely new quality.

    Effective video game system

    The new MSI P65 Creator is not positioned astypical device for rich players. The manufacturer puts elegance on a par with design working solutions for photographers, cameramen, graphic designers and editors. That is why we can connect up to three external screens to the Creator, and the laptop itself has a rich set of ports of the latest standards.

    Music lovers will appreciate HiFi audio output andseparate microphone input. The USB-C port, supported by Thunderbolt 3, allows you to transfer data at 40 Gbps. The slot also supports adaptive energy technology Delivery, adjusting the maximum voltage of the device. Despite the slim case, the designers found a place for the Ethernet socket, and the three USB-A 3.1 ports provide compatibility with peripheral accessories. The HDMI port received support for 4K 60Hz, and next to it is a Mini-DisplayPort.

    Autonomy MSI P65 Creator

    Taking into account the components and capabilitieslaptop, the battery will always be the weakest point of this configuration. During unobtrusive office work, the MSI P65 Creator battery lasted about 7 hours. Of course, when you are immersed in a heavy video game, you can dramatically increase energy consumption. Then the P65 Creator is enough for two, maximum three hours. That's why I took the P65 with me without a power supply, but I still need an adapter for the LAN.


    A year ago, my heart won Alienware. I recently thought that no one would surpass the Razer. Snake company made the right conclusions after a bad line of laptops in 2017. Then, unexpectedly, MSI entered my life in elegant white. A company identified with teen products demonstrates the best qualities of Razer and Dell, along with the elegant MSI P65 Creator laptop for the discerning player. I am genuinely surprised.

    P65 Creator is an unexpected leader wearing a tuxedo. This is a very good laptop for games and work. It looks great, made of high quality materials, and surprisingly quiet. Effective cooling system proves that the project involved people who know a lot. Thanks to Creator, MSI enters a completely new market segment. The most beautiful, elegant and pleasant device for everyday use. This is a breakthrough moment for MSI, and for me a breakthrough product that changes my attitude towards the company as a whole.


    • The most interesting line of laptops in 2018.
    • The first is a modest, elegant, versatile MSI laptop.
    • Above the average heat transfer coefficient.
    • IPS screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz.
    • Beautiful design with elegant additions.
    • Amazingly compact, lightweight and convenient.
    • Useful MSI software.
    • Not only for players, but also for professionals.
    • Works on four screens at the same time.


    • The mediocre camera.
    • Price from 120 to 160 thousand rubles.

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