MRI vest helps to better detect breast cancer

X-ray and MRI are able to effectively detect cancerbreast cancer even in its early stages, but because of the prevalence of the disease, scientists are constantly trying to develop faster and more affordable alternatives. Magnetic resonance imaging is considered the most preferred method of diagnosis due to the absence of harmful radiation, but the scanning process takes quite a long time and costs more than X-rays. She also has another big minus, and the team of scientists from Vienna has figured out how to get rid of it.

The researchers explained that the current onToday, an MRI scan of the mammary glands shows different efficacy depending on the shape of the patient's body. To equalize the accuracy of diagnosis, the researchers decided to abandon the vertical scanners with two disposable cups with radio frequency coils. Instead, they suggested using a special vest that fits all women.

It is woven of fabric, which is sewn 32radio frequency coils. Also, the vest is equipped with motion sensors that help reduce interference with the breathing of patients and thereby increase the clarity of images. If with the usual MRI scan of the breast, the women were standing on their feet, while using the vest they are lying on their backs.

An important feature of the project is that inthe position of the lying chest is smoothed, which means that a much larger part of it is close to the receiver. Thus, the signal becomes stronger and the scan time can be significantly reduced.

Elmar Leistler, Researcher

At the moment, the vest is still under development. Previously, researchers have already published reports on successful tests, but they still do not consider it a ready-to-use device.

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