Moving a Crew Dragon capsule out of the water, hit the video

If you are returning from space to highspeed, for several reasons, it is usually safer to go down above the water than above the ground. And the Space Dragon capsule manufactured by SpaceX is no exception. Here's how it will look, returning to land on the search ship GO Searcher. Greet the hero. This is not the first time we see the GO Searcher in action; The ship received its share of fame last year when a helicopter landing was tested at sea.

Crew Dragon in the sea

As you can see, GO Searcher is not justgiant mitten that catches the falling fairings; the vessel is required not only to find a large and heavy capsule on the surface of the water, but to place it and any person on board (and, possibly, provide him with urgent medical assistance). So this is more a mobile headquarters than an official vessel.

Port Canaveral Dock Observers in Florida(not far from the famous cape, of course) noticed a ship returning, apparently, from testing at sea. Together with the vessel found the capsule Crew Dragon. Most likely, practicing snatching the capsule out of the water, followed by a gentle lifting it to the deck.

PRACTICE OFF THE PORT: An apparent mock-up of the Space Crew Dragon capsule after a sea trial. Go Searcher will recover Crew Dragon capsules that splash down in the Atlantic.

- Port Canaveral (@PortCanaveral) January 17, 2019

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Return to port after practice is whatit looks like. However, depending on the distance and the mission, it is also possible that we will see astronauts, cosmonauts and other space travelers return as quickly as possible with the help of a helicopter. The landing area on the roof will work in the interests of any casualty (although there is also a hospital on board), but the ship moves much slower than the helicopter, especially in bad weather.

In any case, it is possible to expect that such ships will be more and more often hit the photographs. SpaceX has a lot of Crew Dragon test flights ahead, followed by combat.

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