Motorola RAZR cannot be repaired. We disassemble into parts. (9 photos + video)

Smartphone Motorola RAZR has not yet been officiallythe wound was withdrawn, but already received a portion of criticism from enthusiasts who managed to test the clamshell smartphone. Almost immediately after the JerryRigEverything strength tests and the actual number of open-close cycles from CNET reporters, the smartphone was examined by iFixit experts who disassembled the device and evaluated its suitability for repair.

First of all, iFixit experts pointed to the positive aspects of the Motorola RAZR. This is the original assembly, innovative engineering solutions and the use of standard T3 Torx fasteners.

Negative moments during disassembly were identifiedmuch more. IFixit engineers were surprised by the huge amount of glue used in the device, which would not allow for quick and easy repairs with replacement parts.

The charging connector is soldered directly to the main board, and to replace two batteries, you have to completely disassemble the entire smartphone.

Screen replacement should be carried out with jewelry accuracy, so as not to disturb the many attached cables.

The problem of sealing the hinge joint has not been solved, and dust and moisture will enter the technological gap, which will adversely affect the monitor and the hinge itself.

IFixit experts rated the maintainability of the Motorola RAZR at 1 point on a 10-point scale. Thus, it is almost impossible to restore the smartphone’s performance in the event of a breakdown.

Source: ifixit