Motorola RAZR 2019 - the revival of an old friend (3 photos)

According to network sources, in the plans of the brandMotorola (owned by Lenovo) is included in the revival of the RAZR V3. The legendary clamshell will appear in the same form factor, having received a design with a bending screen. When will release the gadget, is still unknown. However, it is possible that the updated Motorola RAZR debuts this year.

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Anyway, the WIPO (WorldIntellectual Property Organization) a patent application appeared, describing and depicting a novelty. The model is conventionally called the Motorola RAZR 2019. Judging by the pictures, in the unfolded state, it will have a long widescreen display and a fairly large “chin” familiar to everyone. In the center of the side faces there is a hinged mechanism, covered with a screen, which confirms the presence of a folding structure.

The outer side of the device consists of twohinged parts. The upper part was equipped with a camera, as well as an additional, not very large display. Everything, like the original version of the RAZR V3 from Motorola. On this screen, you can view notifications and other data without opening the gadget. Bottom, most likely, placed fingerprint scanner. This means that the fingerprint sensor built into the display will not have to be expected.

According to rumors, the new product from Motorola will be released in a limited edition of 200,000 units, and the smartphone will be sold only in the United States by the mobile operator Verizon Wireless for $ 1,500.