Moto E6 Play on render

Very plausible renderings appeared untilMoto E6 Play smartphone introduced to the public. The publication is not accompanied by any information about the characteristics of the model - you can only see some of the features of the device in the images.

This is a single-module main camera - according to currentIt’s almost a rarity at times. This is a microSD port for connecting a charger. This is the absence of a cutout in the screen - they decided not to save space, and there is a “forehead” and a “chin”. The logo circle probably contains a fingerprint scanner as standard, but given the low class of the smartphone, we can also assume that this is nothing more than a logo.

It is assumed that the smartphone will be presented on October 24 along with a number of other models - the Moto G8 line.

Photos published by the Dutch site Mobielkopen.


Tatyana Kobelskaya