Moscow police will be given smart glasses with face recognition (2 photos)

Law enforcement agencies of the capital of Russia in the neartime will be equipped with high-tech glasses, providing facial recognition function using augmented reality technology. Currently, more than 1,500 Moscow surveillance cameras are equipped with a similar function.

Developers are exploring the possibilities of operationalresponse using analytical methods. It uses the world-famous technology FindFace. As an example of the use of facial recognition technology, glasses from Epson (Japan), running Android, were demonstrated.

The technology utilization program inlaw enforcement agencies provides for the development of the first working prototypes by the autumn of 2019. Until then, the police will use a face recognition system embedded in a network of 1,500 surveillance cameras. In the future, this system will be extended to another 167 thousand cameras.

The specific dates for the appearance of augmented reality glasses are not specified by the Russian police.