Moscow Metro will be equipped with a system of biometric identification of passengers (3 photos)

Security system of the Moscow metro inThe near future will be enhanced by a biometric identification system. Moreover, if at present facial recognition is carried out in order to improve the safety of underground transport, in the future, this function will allow you to pay for travel. The issue of confidentiality was not addressed by the city authorities

First test project cameras already installedat the station "October Field" and are part of the program, launched a year ago and aimed at identifying passengers by person. The cameras are located at the level of the average height of an adult, and when the ticket data is read, the green indicator on it lights up.

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The project is implemented by the companyVisionLabs from Skolkovo. At the Oktyabrskoe Pole station, the operation of the biometric identification algorithm is checked. To do this, VisionLabs develops special programs that allow real-time identification of a person by photo or video by comparing the image with existing databases. One of the shareholders who owns a 25% stake in VisionLabs is Sberbank, at whose head office a camera with face recognition is already installed.

The process of working the system in the subwayrevealed. At the first stage, the system will be aimed at improving the safety of the metro. Further tasks and the final appearance of the system have not yet been determined.

Experts suggest that the identification systemcan be used to pay for travel. However, technically this is not an easy task and requires improvement in the quality of work, as now the error in recognizing the personality is 30%.

Similar system with fare paymentlaunched last month in China in the subway of the city of Shenzhen. A passenger must pass a face scan, and after identification, his fare is automatically deducted from his card.