Moscow CCTV cameras will help in finding debtors

Photos of approximately 1500 defaulters wereloaded with bailiffs last year in a special database. And the facial recognition system helped to find them. How many people managed to catch, officials do not report. However, they recognized the experiment as successful and decided to continue it this year.

Moscow bailiffs continue to searchdebtors with surveillance cameras installed on the streets of the city. UFSSP has access to a shared data storage center, thanks to which movements of any persons that interest officials are tracked.

Head of the Moscow Office SergeyZamorodskikh commented on the draft at the extended board where he summarized the work for 2018. He confirmed that about 1500 photos of debtors were uploaded to the database. And recognized the success of the process. However, he did not disclose how many debtors were caught using this technique.

Over time, technology is going to be introduced in other cities. In the meantime, the Moscow mayor's office is going to spend more than 7 billion rubles on cameras.