Mortal Kombat's Scorpion Harpoon Becomes Reality (video)

The date of the world premiere of the film is approachingMortal Kombat, which will take place on April 23rd. YouTube enthusiasts of the Hacksmith Industries channel could not pass by this event and created a prototype of the weapon of one of the heroes of the saga - the Yellow Ninja Ghost Scorpion. The harpoon-based chain kunai was created in the workshop of amateur engineers and tested on a dummy. The creator of the fantastic weapon could not contain his emotions and repeated the exclamation of the hero "Get Over Here", after hitting the dummy with the spearhead directly in the chest.

The kunai structure consists of a box that is attachedOn the hand. Inside the box, in a charged state, there is a cocked tip attached to a light chain. The box features the iconic Mortal Kombat logo. From a distance of up to 5 meters, the experimenters "shot" a mirror, a watermelon, hit a dart target and finally "killed" a dummy. In the course of the experiment, several times it was necessary to connect the unbending chain links, and once the tip came off completely and flew off a fairly decent distance.

The creation of the Scorpion weapon was carried out by the groupHacksmith Industries' engineers are entirely on their own, however a YouTube video commentary notes that the event was sponsored by the Mortal Kombat team. It is noteworthy that this is not the first project of enthusiasts to translate objects from films into reality. Previously, a prototype of Marty's skateboard from the sci-fi movie "Back to the Future II" was created, a Jedi sword and an exoskeleton for lifting a car with his bare hands. The team is currently working on recreating the items of outfit for the hero from The Mandalorian TV series, including a workable jetpack.