Moonwalk pirate player blocked

The fight against the spread of pirated contenttouched one of the most popular streaming players Moonwalk, which has become popular in online cinemas around the world and especially in the Russian region, where it was integrated on 80% of sites specializing in the distribution of unauthorized video products. In the Netherlands, the player is disconnected from the servers, which leads to the cessation of the broadcast of tens of thousands of films.

At the request of the Dutch Copyright Protection FundRights (BREIN), the American Creativity and Entertainment Alliance and the American Cinema Association metadata of 3 companies from the Netherlands and 2 foreign companies affiliated with Moonwalk were issued.

The server library archive contained nearly 10thousand TV shows and 26 thousand feature films that were broadcast using the Moonwalk player on platforms such as HDrezka, GuideOnline, KinoGo and BasKino.

Moonwalk official website announced that inAs a result of the lock initiated by BREIN, the project ceases to exist. Analysts estimate that on only the 50 most popular sites that used the Moonwalk player, the audience consisted of 89 unique visitors and 396 million clicks per month. Content rights owners have announced the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars due to the distribution of pirated content.

The developers and owners of Moonwalk are unknown, but experts said the project was connected with immigrants from the CIS countries. The owners of Moonwalk made a profit from the broadcast of the advertising built into the content.

At the moment, most sites both worked - and work.

Source: torrentfreak