Month with Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

In May this year, Huawei officially unveiled the global version of the Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch, which

debuted back in April. There are no changes in the “globalka” compared to the device on the native market, which is very good.

The GT 3 Pro is available in two versions: titanium case and sapphire crystal or ceramic case and sapphire crystal. The former are designed for a male audience, the latter are more for a female audience.

Before we dive into the GT 3 Pro, let's take a look at the wearables Huawei has today:

  • Watch 3 and 3 Pro. Flagship devices with the highest possible parameters.
  • Watch GT 3 and GT Runner. More affordable options. The first are classic, the second are for those who run.

And something in between GT 3 and Watch 3 issmart watch GT 3 Pro. They have premium materials, they have a built-in thermometer, but they lack, for example, support for eSIM and Wi-Fi, no video dials and an app store, unlike Watch 3.

In general, the release of such a product is the right decision. In the Watch GT 3 Pro, I personally am not interested in eSIM and Wi-Fi, but high-quality materials are another matter.

The prices are as follows:

  • Watch 3 Pro - 33,000 rubles
  • Watch 3 - 25,000 rubles
  • Watch GT 3 Pro - 23,000 rubles
  • Watch GT 3 - 17,000 rubles
  • Watch GT Runner - 16,000 rubles.

And that's not counting the GT 2 Pro for 18,000 rubles and the GT 2 for 12,000 rubles. That is, Huawei covers the entire price range from 10,000 rubles to 30,000 rubles with its watches.

Since all these models are very similar, it makes little sense to write a classic review. Only the key features of the Watch GT 3 Pro.

P.S.For those not in the know, Huawei named the watch GT, inspired by the automotive industry. GT in Italian stands for Gran Turismo, which means "long-distance travel", and in English - Grand Tourer, which means "high-performance luxury wagon".


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Table of Contents

  • Specifications
  • Contents of delivery
  • Design and materials
  • Display
  • Working hours
  • About the system and measurements
  • Conclusion


Colors Titanium alloy and sapphire crystal
The size 46.6mm x 46.6mm x 10.9mm (w/o strap)
Watch case size 46.6 mm
wrist circumference 140–210 mm
Weight About 54g (without strap)
Screen 1.43" AMOLED color screen
Resolution: 466x466 pixels
Brightness: 700 cd/m2
watch case Titanium alloy and sapphire crystal
watch strap Black fluoroelastomer strap
Gray leather strap
Sensors Accelerometer
Optical heart rate monitor
temperature sensor
Buttons Power button, Function button (Supports operations such as pressing, holding and rotating the rotary button)
Charging Port Wireless charger
System Requirements HarmonyOS 2 and above, Android 6.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above
Water resistance IP68, 5 ATM (up to 30 meters)
Connections GPS support
NFC support (in some countries)
Bluetooth support
speaker Supported
Microphone Supported
Environmental conditions Temperature: -20℃ to +45℃
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Charger 5 V, 2 A
Battery life 14 days with normal use.
8 days with intensive use.

Contents of delivery

  • Watch
  • Wireless charging pad (including charging cable)
  • User's manual
  • Safety Guide
  • Warranty card

Design and materials

In terms of looks, this is the Watch GT 2 Pro. The only difference is that the second button is not round, but oval, and acts as an electrode when measuring ECG.

The top is completely flat with a slightdecline at the edges. The case is made quite roughly, but it looks quite elegant. The crown hasn't gone anywhere at the top right (there is a tactile feedback when scrolling).

The lower part of the body is sloping, with smoothtransitions. This design does not allow much pressure on the back of the hand - traces of the watch do not remain. This is me to the fact that Xiaomi Band 6 (material came out the other day) is pressed into the brush, and after a couple of hours an oval mark remains.

The strap in the classic version of the GT 3 Pro does not work for mereally liked it. Looks budget friendly for the price. But it is durable and easy to put on and take off. Moderately slippery to easily thread through the fastener.

Oddly enough, about the materials of the smart watch caseI found out closer to writing the review. The fact is that I used the GT 3 Pro in the country: a couple of times I touched the screen on brick blocks when laying firewood, several times I “combed” the cast-iron stove during the firebox. And once he even accidentally dropped his watch into a well to a depth of about a couple of meters: he was in a hurry to bring water, for some reason he quickly put a watch on his hand (he didn’t even fasten it properly), while lifting the bucket caught on a rope - and the watch flew down, deliciously slamming against one of the rings of the well. I had to get it with the help of a home-made device for picking pears and apples: a long stick of 3.5 meters, at the end of which there were grips - you pull on special cords, and the grips are tightened.

This is about the question of:

“GT 3 Pro support diving mode and haveimproved water resistance performance in accordance with the IP68 standard and 5 ATM. After passing 200 water pressure test cycles, the smartwatch complies with the EN 13319 engineering standard and offers unsurpassed diving water resistance that allows diving to depths of up to 30 meters, accompanying its users in exploring the underwater wonders.”

In general, for a month in the country, Watch 3 Prosurvived a lot, but did not receive any chips on the titanium case, or even micro-scratches on the sapphire crystal. Even while writing this text, my daughter accidentally hit the clock with a pterodactyl toy with a metal beak. I was horrified to see a wide “scratch” on the glass. I rubbed it with my finger and there was nothing left on the surface of the watch. But the dinosaur's beak was decently crumpled. M-yes...

You can get used to the weight of the device. But compared to the Band 7, the GT 3 Pro certainly feels like a dumbbell.


Before you is an excellent quality AMOLED-matrix with a diagonal of 1.43 inches and a resolution of 466x466 pixels. For her, the developers used a light sensor that works as tactfully as possible.

Information on the clock is read at any time of the day.On a bright sunny day, there are no problems either, since the matrix produces as much as 700 cd / m2. The brightness is adjustable over a wide range: at night, you can set the brightness so that the numbers are barely visible, so as not to suffer from the glow of the watch interface.

An interesting note: the brightness of the matrix in the Watch 3 model is about 850 cd / m2, but in the GT Runner it is 700 cd / m2, as in the GT 3 Pro. Of course, there is an AOD mode.

Download watch faces for Watch GT 3 Profrom the app store on your smartphone in the Huawei Health app. There are many dials, but the most functional and beautiful cost money. But you can pick up something from free. I liked the "CIN15" with large hands and large numbers. As far as I remember, these are used in the Apple Watch.

By the way, there are dials with interactiveicons that launch certain applications directly from the main screen. And the device is equipped with a dial of day and night hours, which change depending on the time of sunrise and sunset.

Working hours

The battery capacity of this model is not officially indicated by the manufacturer. In my environment, when the clock runs from 8 am to 2 am, receiving notifications, the GT 3 Pro functions for 12 days.

Using GPS and training every couple of days (2 hours each) drains the battery after 7 days.

On average, it is worth counting on 10 days. These will include constant notifications, periodic conversations on the clock, infrequent heart rate measurements, even more infrequent GPS workouts (in total, about an hour).

For this kind of devices, the operating time is more than excellent.

Without load (GPS, training, various measurements, with rare notifications), Watch GT 3 Pro can easily work up to 14 days.

Charges in 2 hours with wireless charger (included).

About the system and measurements

GT 3 and GT 3 Pro devices run onthe Harmony OS operating system (in Huawei, developers do not divide the OS into a full-fledged or Lite one, but for simplicity, we can assume that the Watch 3 has a full-fledged Harmony OS, and the GT 3 series has a conditional Lite version). However, their version, as far as I understand, is somewhat truncated (there are also hardware limitations):

  1. There is no app store in the watch itself, inThe Health program for the GT 3 series has so far provided 32 applications. Most of it duplicates the programs that we saw in Watch 3. However, they differ in coding, if I'm speaking correctly, and the stores are different. Watch 3 has about 130 programs.
  2. No WiFi
  3. No eSIM support
  4. No video dials

The difference between the GT 3 Pro and the GT 3 is that the former have a temperature sensor.

Contactless payment technology works, but with a limited number of banks in Russia: Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, Vostochny Bank, Solidarity Bank. I didn't have a single card from these banks.

As for calls, the principle is used hereBluetooth headsets. “Docking” is instant: a call comes to the smartphone - the watch immediately reacts. When you click on the "Answer" button, "connection" occurs instantly. This is me to the fact that I had watch models with a conversation function, but they were stupid for a long time after pressing the "Answer" button on the watch.


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The volume is low, but you can hear it outside.I managed to talk even in the train. In the metro it is much more difficult - you have to put the watch to your ear. The sensitivity of the microphone is quite normal, it is not necessary to pull the gadget closer to your mouth when answering.

For me, the function of receiving a call on the watch turned out to be useful: in the summer I put the phone in my shoulder bag, and it is easier to answer a call from the watch, especially when you move on a scooter or bicycle.

Satellite reception sensitivity (GPS + Beidou +GLONASS + Galileo + QZSS) for slightly above average positioning. The building does not determine the coordinates. In training, the tracks are almost perfect without jerks or signal loss.

Measurements of heart rate, SpO2 and other data do notchanged - all clearly. As for the ECG, the GT 3 Pro watch can measure the cardiogram. True, there are two questions here: who will decipher, and even if there is a cardiologist, how much can you trust the information from the watch? However, an ECG measurement will not be superfluous. It's like with the level of oxygen in the blood: no, no, and it will come in handy someday.

If we talk about notifications, then they are exactly the same.the same as on Watch 3 or GT 3. On the positive side - quick responses and sending emoticons. However, the watch itself does not recognize all emoticons: sometimes you receive a message, but it is empty.

Templates for answers can be registered in "Health". They helped me a lot. There are 10 of them in total, but you can add 35 more. More than enough.

In the new version of the watch, Huawei TruSeen technology has been updated to version 5.0+:

“Increases data processing performancefour times, reduces signal loss and improves the accuracy of heart rate monitoring. The accuracy of dynamic heart rate monitoring is greatly improved in training scenarios. At the same time, the output power and speed of SpO2 monitoring have also been improved.”

About training. Diving mode added to GT 3 Pro:

“The watch is equipped with a new depth barometer, whichsupports real-time display of key dive information. When diving with a maximum depth of 30 m, the watch can effectively help in teaching and training for SSI level 2, AIDA 3 star and PADI advanced free divers programs. The professional data provided in the dive mode includes ascent rate, real-time depth, maximum depth, dive time, rest time on the water surface, number of visits, etc. They also support terrestrial satellite positioning to accurately mark the entrance to a dive; you can also set time and depth alerts for different stages of the dive.”

In addition, the GT 3 Pro series is equipped withbreath-hold training, as well as some pre-installed training tools such as apnea tables (consciously holding your breath while diving).

Of interest to those who run. The training has been updated here: now the watch analyzes the data of a person and, in connection with these parameters, recommends certain loads.

Everything else can be found in our reviews at the link below:

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As you already understood, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro smart watch is a kind of intermediate gadget between affordable GT 3 and expensive Watch 3.

From the unambiguous positive moments of the GT 3 Pro:

  • Titanium alloy body
  • Sapphire glass
  • Ceramic back
  • Ability to answer a call
  • Fast and smooth interface
  • Long battery life
  • Availability of GPS
  • Bright and clear screen

In this version of the watch did not like the strap.With a device cost of 23,000 rubles, it looks somehow strange. True, it sits well on the hand, softly, unlike the gray version with a leather strap. The watch is heavy and massive. The device has no more objective shortcomings.

By the way, this price includes the Huawei FreeBuds 4i headphones offered as a gift, which in themselves cost 6,000 rubles.

The competitors are the same

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 44 mm for 20,000 rubles. In fact, a complete analogue of Huawei. Or Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46 mm for 27,000 rubles.
  • Amazfit GTR 3 Pro for 19,000 rubles. High resolution matrix, high screen refresh rate, a bunch of sports modes.

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