Monstermax amphibious pickup truck swam in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico (video)

Diesel Monster Truck, 8 Wheel ChevyThe Silverado, known as Monstermax, has recently shown the ability to travel on the surface of water. The action took place on the Florida coast in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico between Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach, and was filmed on video that received over two million views on YouTube in a couple of days.

The design of the monster car is different frombrothers by the presence of double the number of wheels on the axles. As a result of the use of huge amounts of air in the tires, the bulky Monstermax pickup became buoyant. The eight wide wheels are 36 inches in diameter.

The video shows an extreme swim in the watersGulf of Mexico from start to successful finish. The floating pickup has no propeller and is driven by rotating giant wheels. Monstermax has a top speed of 1 km per hour.

Experiment by enthusiast CodyDetwyler with the Indiana-based WhistlinDiesel team. The floating car annoyed the local sheriff, the US Coast Guard and Department of Natural Resources inspectors. As a result, the inventors, despite having the registration number of the boat and life jackets, were fined $ 70.