Monday #3: Depressive Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price Chronicles

Table of Contents

  • Prices for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Briefly: about the mobile operating system from the "Laboratory
  • Let's talk about realme headphones

Prices for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Hi all.

First, let's talk about the depressive price chronicles of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Unfortunately, the prices in the "white" retail break away from reality. And it's not the store's fault. They work according to the usual scheme, which now looks alien.

Look at the same Svyaznoy or Eldorado.Although there are already discounts on the new Galaxy S23 Ultra models. But it's like a pre-order. Like, this way the smartphone will cost 159 thousand for the 1 TB version, but on pre-order only 139,990 rubles.

At the same time, the “pre-order” is organized in a rather curious way. When asked when the new smartphone will go on sale, the answer is: “There is no exact information, the product will be on sale soon.”


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Meanwhile, there are no pre-orders for Avito. The 1 TB version is sold for 126 thousand rubles, the basic version for 12/256 GB costs only 83-85 thousand rubles.

By the way, of course, it is bleak that "serovozy"actively lower prices. And this is at the very beginning of sales. At the moment, of course, one can be glad that the market is twisting the hands of sellers, forcing them to lower prices. But in the long run, this will lead to a reduction in supply and an increase in prices.

"White" retail is saved only by the fact that many still live out of habit, not trying to look for alternative options in the form of the same marketplaces or Avito.

At the end of January, RBC published material that, according toAccording to Nielsen research, demand even for everyday goods fell by 3.4%. And, for example, according to the 2GIS service, the number of electronics stores for the year (February 2022 - February 2023) decreased by 5%, although a year earlier there was an increase of 11%.

All this indicates a drop in demand and a decrease in optimism among buyers who prefer to save.

Briefly: about the mobile operating system from Kaspersky Lab

Recently in our telegram channel they talked abouta probable mobile operating system from Kaspersky Lab, and even created the feeling that, they say, the system is ready and everyone has been using it for a long time. And I'm neither a dream nor a spirit. Went to ask questions. I share with you.

The fact that Kaspersky has its owna desktop OS based on its own development, designed for the corporate and industrial segment, is known to everyone. The "Laboratory" has a beautiful website dedicated to this project, where anyone can download a demo version.

It is obvious that in companies and productionenterprises use not only computers, but also work tablets and smartphones. So the idea to make a mobile version became a logical continuation of the desktop OS, but:

application of the KasperskyOS operating system forof professional mobile devices is an internal research project of Kaspersky Lab. As soon as it goes beyond the scope of research, there will, of course, be more available information about it. At the same time, we have a version for testing - KasperskyOS Community Edition. KasperskyOS Community Edition is intended primarily for studying and mastering the capabilities of KasperskyOS as a universal microkernel operating system. This is not an OS for personal devices. First of all, it is a set of tools, training materials and code examples for solving various problems of a wide range. The new version has support for the RaspberryPi 4 Model hardware platform. In revision 1.5, a number of third-party applications and libraries have been updated, some comments have been eliminated.

Please note that some packagesdeveloped for KasperskyOS and hosted in open source, have not yet been adapted to work with the new version. Therefore, we decided to also leave the previous version of the SDK available.

That is, there is nothing to test and study yet.And when the OS is released, it will be an exclusively professional solution, which will be of interest to an ordinary user only for general development and pride that Rus' makes its cool products. Well, when something appears, Kaspersky will most likely invite you to an introductory event.

On the one hand, it is, of course, sad thatfuture OS for corporations, because I would not refuse a mass operating system from the "Laboratory" if Android applications could be installed on it. Or, at least, the mobile operating system KasperskyOS from Kaspersky Lab sounds more reliable and authoritative than Aurora from Open Mobile Platform LLC. Also, the logo is the kind that the inhabitants of the village of Severskaya in the Kuban would definitely not approve of (if you missed this funny news about the art object in the village of Severskaya, then take a look).

Let's talk about realme headphones

A little frequent with the news about realme.I'm sorry, but the company held a presentation, showed new smartphones, gadgets, rolled out realme UI 4.0 on Android 13. So we're slowly digesting it. Realme UI 4.0 shell review released today. I recommend viewing. The review is large, but at the beginning I briefly collected all the main innovations. And in the near future we will release reviews of realme 10 Pro and 10 Pro Plus smartphones.

In the meantime, let's talk about the new realme Buds headphonesAir 3s. I understand in advance that it will be a hit, as there is a combination of design and minimum price. The company will not approve of this, but I recommend looking at the prices for headphones on marketplaces. For example, in the DNS they are sold for 3 thousand, and on Yandex.Market in the realme official store (which seems to be really official) for 2,490 rubles. And this is a great price, even if you look at the cost in the markets of other countries.

In the design of the headphones, there is clearly a slightthe influence of the Nothing brand. So, realme Buds Air 3S has a transparent top cover, which, according to the company, is inspired by a music case (apparently, it means a cassette box or a vinyl player).


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However, I see a resemblance to the Nothing Ear (1), which uses transparent case materials in its design. What do you think?

Well, it is impossible not to note the compact shape and the fact that the headphones look interesting in the ear.

Headphones are clearly aimed at young people who love loud and rich sound. There are 11 mm drivers and realme assurances of powerful bass.

The battery life is 7 hours and another 23 hours in the charging case, for a total of 30 hours. It also has fast charging. So, 10 minutes in the charging case will give 5 hours of sound.

The headphones support Bluetooth 5.3, which means low latency (69ms), the ability to connect to a pair of devices at the same time.

Well, and, perhaps, the presence of IPX5 protection pleases.A rather high value, meaning that the headphones are not afraid of water jets from any direction. That is, they can run in the rain. The advanced water resistance rating, by the way, shows how technology has advanced. Typically, headphones in this price range are IPX4, which means splash-proof. And protection against water jets is much closer to submersion in terms of reliability, which provides a rating (IPX7 or 8).

Realme Buds Air 3S is the junior model in relation to realme Buds Air 3. The main difference is the lack of active noise cancellation.

I decided to tell you about the new headphones, since last summer I became a user of the older realme Buds Air 3 model. And somehow, imperceptibly, these headphones became the main ones for me.

Initially, I began to wear them as an option,who is not sorry. It’s raining, snowing, frosty outside, I go to the stadium to go in for sports, ride a board on a hill - it’s somehow a pity to put on expensive TWS headphones. And realme Buds Air 3 remained after the review, so why worry about them. But the headphones turned out to be surprisingly good. Despite the extremely casual attitude, even the white case still looks like new. I didn’t clean anything on purpose, but took a picture, as they say, as it is.

I also appreciate the noise canceling feature.For the subway or walking around the city, the thing is indispensable. For communication, there is a “Transparency” mode, which allows you to clearly hear the interlocutor without pulling out the headphones.

Realme Buds Air 3 has been in my rather tough use for 9 months. So if you are thinking about quality, then you can take it. They work well and the battery lasts like new.

About the sound quality, as you noticed, I have nothingI said because everything is individual. The sound pleases me with its balance, purity and volume reserve. Compared with AirPods Pro and did not notice much difference.

P.S. Have a good week everyone!