Modified Unifoil airflyer makes it easier to learn to fly over water (video)

"Flying on the waves" hydroflyer, brought tomarket by Unifoil from South Africa, has become more convenient and easy to operate and allows the user to slide over the water surface even without prior training. Electric surfing over water became a reality a few years ago when the idea of ​​Canadian engineer Jerry MacArthur was implemented by Unifoil.

The new Unifoil model guaranteesthe user has four points of contact with the board, which will provide more stability for beginners, and for professional water surfers, this design will allow more virtuoso maneuvers.

The modified HydroFlyer isa hybrid of a motorcycle, hydrofoil and jet ski. The device can slide over water at a maximum speed of 56 km / h. The lightweight carbon fiber body will provide perfect balance, and the detachable handlebar will support the beginner while providing him with the necessary engine controls.

Flight management and control over watervia a wireless controller built into the steering rack. An autonomous trip will be provided by a lithium-ion battery, designed for two hours of operation. The process of fully charging the battery will take the same amount of time. To get out of the water and go into flight mode over the water surface, the HydroFlyer must accelerate to 7.4 km / h.

In May, HydroFlyer will be available on the company's website for $ 14,000.

Source: thehydroflyer