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Modern technologies that are still not available in Russia

Smartphones, fitness trackers, smart bulbs andother popular devices have long ceased to surprise us. But there are technologies in the world that not everyone in Russia knows about, and this despite the fact that in other countries they are familiar to the majority. An example is the automatic driving system in automobiles. Many modes of transport are equipped with sensors that help them drive independently along the tracks, focusing on road markings and signs. But in Russia, such a luxury is available only in big cities, because there are not always markings on country roads, and there are very few cars with an automatic driving system. Let's find out what other technologies are available abroad, but in Russia, for one reason or another, they are not available.

Some technologies are still not available in Russia, but in the future the situation may change


  • 1 Solar panels on rooftops
  • 2 Smart home with thermostat and cameras
  • 3 Charging stations for cars
  • 4 Internet in 5G networks

Solar panels on rooftops

Tesla electric cars in Russia can be bought throughcompanies - the largest in that industry is considered the Moscow Tesla Club. However, in addition to the production of electric cars, Tesla offers customers a service for installing solar panels on rooftops, and this service is not available in Russia. Initially, power generation with panels was only available to residents of sunny California and Florida, but then the technology appeared in more northern states. With the help of such panels, homeowners can significantly save on electricity.

Tesla solar roof house

It may seem that in Russia the installationsolar panels are far from the best solution. Firstly, in most of the country the weather is usually cloudy, and the sun is far from always able to saturate the batteries with energy. Secondly, in winter, the roofs of houses are covered with a thick layer of snow, and the panels would become useless.

Yes, with such roofs there is no sense from solar panels

However, if solarTesla roofs, the last problem would be irrelevant. The fact is that the Solar Roof offered by the company is a complete replacement for the standard roof. The coating constantly releases a certain amount of heat, so the snow on the roofs does not linger for a long time.

Installing a solar panel on the roof of a house

It is important to note, that no one bothers to install solar panelshimself. In Russia, there are many country houses that receive electricity from solar energy. Maybe you or your friends have such experience - write to our chat.

Smart home with thermostat and cameras

In Russia, at least until recently,almost all Apple devices were available for purchase. But the technology from Google was never officially sold - Pixel smartphones, thermostats and other devices could only be bought from intermediaries. At the moment, residents of the US and other countries can buy "smart" security cameras, doorbells and other home improvement equipment from Google. With the help of them, you can monitor the house through your smartphone, while at work or on vacation.

Google smart home devices

Of course, anyone can create a "smart" home - it waswish. After all, there are many analogues of advanced doorbells and other equipment from third-party manufacturers on sale. Yes, and intermediaries with great pleasure can sell the brought equipment, but it will certainly work with restrictions. Despite all this, at the moment the supply of apartments with intellectual equipment in Russia is not very popular. For most people, the maximum is buying a speaker with a voice assistant or a light bulb controlled from a smartphone.

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Charging stations for cars

In Russia, there is a very interesting closeda circle. Most people don't want to buy electric cars because even in big cities, charging stations can be counted on the fingers. And there are so few charging stations because people rarely buy electric cars. If you look at the map of places where you can officially charge your car, you can see that there are catastrophically few of them. We can say that there are practically no conditions for a comfortable maintenance of an electric Tesla, Nissan or other car in Russia.

Stations for charging electric vehicles are mainly located in Moscow, so you won’t be able to go on long trips.

Fortunately, in the coming years the situation mayimprove for the better. Recently it became known that by 2024 11,000 new electric filling stations will appear in Russia, and by 2030 there will be 50,000 of them. In addition, interesting events are taking place in the automotive industry. In the coming years, Muscovites will appear on the roads and in the future they may become electric.

Perhaps in the future there will be more charging stations for electric vehicles in Russia


Internet in 5G networks

In Russia, as in some other countries,5G technology people are very suspicious. The fact is that conspiracy theorists believe that with the help of a new generation of mobile Internet, someone else will be able to control their thoughts. Of course, this is impossible - the technology will only speed up data transfer. The 5G network is well deployed in the US, China, South Korea and several other countries.

When 5G Internet will appear in Russia, no one can say for sure

And it is also believed that 5G Internet somehow harms aircraft. Is that possible?

In Russia, the situation is incomprehensible.Only residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can connect to the new generation network, and even then, not in every place. And this despite the fact that many people have smartphones with 5G Internet support - in 2021, models with the corresponding module occupied 8% of the mobile device market. Considering that many network equipment vendors are shutting down exactly when we will be able to use high-speed Internet, it is impossible to say.

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